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One lonely night two scared children reach out to make a connection that will change their lives forever. Hankura Narcaza is the Aledan boy and Michelle Marlow is the little girl on Earth who claims his heart and soul through their psionic connection. This prequel leads up to the beginning of book one of the series and end in a cliffhanger though it reveals events previously mentioned only briefly in book one of the Aledan Series.   AMAZON   FREE



Hankura’s family sent him away to school on a far-off world when he was only ten to spare him from the torturous mind conditioning of psions on Aledus. On his way he touched the mind of Michelle, a frightened little girl. Neither child realized they had forged a mental connection that would last the rest of their lives.

It didn’t come back to haunt him until after she reached puberty. The connect grew stronger, haunting his dreams, and coming between Hankura and a woman he thought he loved.

When she was almost killed in a street fight, Hankura knew he must go to Earth and find her. A psion mate bond cannot be broken. Attempting to break that bond could destroy them both or at least their sanity.

But life for psion mates is not perfect. Even though he loves her deeply, Hankura selfishly puts his needs before Michelle’s. They struggle to find balance in their relationship in world with discriminating psion laws, and family dynamics that test them to the limits. No Cliff Hanger HFN Ending.  AMAZON

Hankura and Chelle continue their life together joining the crew of the Searching Star, an exploration ship with a mission to find new worlds for colonization and reconnect with lost colonies. Their lives are on an intersecting course with the horse clans of Oltarin a lost colony in the midsts of a 500 year old blood feud primarily between the mountain clans and the lake clans. Their society devolved from space faring into rival clans who rode horses and fought each other with swords, knives, and crossbows.

On his way to send the message from the ancient shuttle, Brandt McKell, son of the Mountain clans’ chieftain rides to help a lone rider being chased by four renegades. He can hardly believe his luck when that rider turns out to be the daughter of the Lake clans’ chieftain—his deadly enemy. It’s not exactly love at first sight, but sparks fly and passion ignites.

It’s up to the crew of the Searching Star to determine if these people can settle their differences and claim their rightful place in the Federation.

Third Edition with added material. Contains Sexually Explicit Scenes.  AMAZON



What if you could share love in its purest form mind to mind all in the span of a thought? What if you could feel what they feel when you touch them and know beyond all doubt that you are loved as well? What if someone took that person from you and did unspeakable things to hurt them—and you felt all that pain as though it were your own? What would you do to make it stop? How do you go on with your life afterward?

Hankura and Chelle are Psion Mates who share a telepathic bond. He is Chief Medical Officer and Chelle is a master Med-tech on the Searching Star exploration ship. The pair are telepaths that share a passionate, loving relationship.

The ship is captured by a Tregan invaders of Zevus Mar when it locks into orbit. The takeover is violent and bloody. Hankura must surrender or watch them kill his wife. He feels her anguish through their telepathic bond when she is raped repeatedly and tortured. He vows revenge, watching and waiting for his chance.

He makes his break forced to kill every Tregan soldier who gets in his way. When it’s over, the memories still haunt them causing them to retreat from each other’s pain. Is love enough to bring them back together?   AMAZON



Orin Hart was genetically engineered to be a super soldier his embryo implanted in an unwilling host mother who escaped the Tregan breeding program before he was born. She carried him to term and raised him with her husband to be a farmer, loving him as though he were their own naturally conceived offspring. They escaped when the Tregans came for him. Already a full grown man, they tried to make him a killer.

Orin Hart never wanted to kill anyone until he saw how they tortured and murdered innocent people on the colonial worlds they raided. Only when they were about to murder an unarmed woman and a little boy did he finally raise his rifle, but he killed them instead. The woman and boy got away in a damaged hovercraft. Orin followed because he knew they wouldn’t get far.

He didn’t know what kind of future he would have after what he had done. Now he was free, with nothing left to lose. There was one good thing he could do with however long he had left. He could make sure the woman and boy would survived after what he’d done to save them.

Would they accept his help? After all, he wore the same uniform as the other men who were trying to kill them? It wouldn’t stop him from trying.   AMAZON

The story opens with the introduction of Captain Otian and his crew, forced to land on the backwater planet of Oltarin because of a blown star drive with no funds to replace it. Enter Hankura, who needs passage for himself and his family to Velran to help their son who’s been in a catatonic state since his psionic powers started dawning. No other starship will take them because their children are both dawning psions. Otian and his crew are leery but agree to take the chance in exchange for funds to repair their ship.

Meanwhile, their friend Delmran from Hankura’s childhood with whom they served on the Searching Star arrives on Velran to become Security Chief of the Federation Embassy there. On arrival, Delmran meets Lishaad, a covert agent for the Federation operating as the Emperor’s mistress. As soon as he shakes her hand there is an instant attraction which Lishaad tries to deny, so Delmran backs off. But, Lishaad is not unaffected as she tries to make him believe and trying to hide her feelings makes Delmran believe she is a double agent.

Will Jamerin get the help he needs? Why are the Tregans so interested in Hankura’s family? Can Delmran trust Lishaad to help protect them?   AMAZON





Jamerin Narcaza was the strongest human psion alive. They called him the Promised One; his mission is to free the Psions of Aledus. Only the Wholaskans of Velran were strong enough to control him, so they taught him to control himself by following the strict Psion Code of Ethics.

Because he revered the Wholaskans Jamerin adhered to those principals until he met her. Parei was his psi-mate, and they were going to take her away. That’s when he went against everything he had been taught to control his parents’ minds and make them let Parei stay.

How could a boy so bad be destined to perform a task so honorable? Can the Wholaskan’s reform him where his parents can’t? Will he destroy their minds like his grandmother nearly had years before he was born? Can he really free the minds of Aledus?   AMAZON





Calan Narcaza is a smart, sexy, psion who does “parlor tricks.” Like his father before him, he has come back to Earth to find his psion mate, Ajha Lann in Farringay. He has felt Ajha Lann reaching out to him from several years. He knew that for her to reach him over such interstellar distance could only mean that she was his psion mate

He knows the dangers from the stories of his mother’s life on Earth in Farringay before his father came to find her. Only Calan has a different plan…

Instead of taking Ajha to his homeworld, Calan is going to stay and try to make things better for the people struggling to survive in the ruins of Farringay. He has bought an empty industrial complex on the outskirts of the ruins to convert into a refuge for them.

Calan is stunned to find a cyborg in stasis in one of the outbuildings. He frees Rax Ven who becomes his friend and ally, helping to build the refuge.

But when the overlords see their business being threatened, they decide it’s time to shut Calan’s project down. Only, Calan is not going without a fight…  AMAZON



In this prequel of the series, every major city on Earth has been destroyed by the Mesaarkan’s in revenge for a massacre on a distant colony by and Earth survey team. Cyborgs have been created by the thousands to fight the hundred year war. While the fighting goes on in distant colonies survivors and their descendants struggle to survive in what was once Chicago. They live in ruined buildings without utilities or running water much like the pioneers in the 19th century. AMAZON



Cyborg Vyken Dark is back on Earth after fighting for eighty years in the Procyon War against the Mesaarkans. He came to help restore order out of chaos in old Chicago USA. Every major city on Earth is in ruins. Most are now run by gangs of thugs ruled by overlords who take everything of value and prey on those who are just trying to survive. Vyken and his four brother cyborgs are all that’s left of their starship crew of three hundred.

He didn’t want the job, but when his old mentor Admiral Carson Gregor asked, Vyken Dark could not refuse. If he could have chosen a man to call father, it would have been Carson Gregor.

Vyken chose the name Dark because the darkness in his soul drove him to kill the enemies of the Federation with a ruthlessness that few natural humans possessed. Sometimes that darkness overwhelmed his humanity and made him weary of his life… Until he came back to Earth and found her.  AMAZON