Aledan Series Book 3 – Surviving Zevus Mar

What if you could share love in its purest form mind to mind all in the span of a thought? What if you could feel what they feel when you touch them and know beyond all doubt that you are loved as well? What if someone took that person from you and did unspeakable things to hurt them—and you felt all that pain as though it were your own? What would you do to make it stop? How do you go on with your life afterward?

As we left psion mates Hankura and Chelle at the end of Oltarin, Hankura was Chief Medical Officer and Chelle was Med-tech on the Searching Star exploration ship.

The ship is captured by a Tregan invaders at Zevus Mar . The takeover is violent and bloody. Hankura must surrender or watch them kill his wife. He feels her anguish through their telepathic bond when she is raped and tortured. He vows to free her, watching and waiting for his chance. (Note: Rape and torture are not discussed or depicted in detail but instead the emotional impact on those victimized.)

Hankura feels her torment and her despair. He knows she is on the brink of either being killed or killing herself. There’s no more time to wait for rescue. He makes his break by killing every Tregan soldier who gets in his way.

Orin Hart, created of genetically engineered Tregan fighting stock, was stolen from the breeding program and raised as a normal child. Appalled by the atrocities done by his fellow soldiers, Orin kills them to save a little boy and his governess from being murdered. The boy, Lanimer, is the son of Hankura’s old friend Mikal who was killed before Orin could stop them.

The memories of what Hankura and Chelle suffered at the hands of the Tregans continue to haunt them after it is over. It begins to tear the psion mates apart. Is love enough to bring them back together?

This was not an easy book to write and parts may be difficult to read. I think you will find parallels ripped from the headlines, but there are also many stories of how the human spirit triumphs in the face of adversity. This is one of those stories.

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